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Letters from Fallujah

Brothers in Arms

Brothers in Arms

I just got an email with some pictures from my nephew in Iraq and I am relieved, as he hasn't been able to email for a while, as he is part of the raid on Fallujah.

Here is an excerpt:

Well, anyway, unless you have been living in a dungeon for the past week, you know about the Falluja offensive im a part of. Working with the Marines is crazy sometimes, they are always doing all sorts of crazy things. Finding excuses to blow thing up, shoot at cars, houses, cattle...dogs....they are crazy. Every night we shoot up things and take incoming fire and mortar fire....its crazy but im still here.

Well, who knows how long this operation will last. Being over here at Abu Ghraib Prison is pretty hectic. Living conditions are pretty bad since they have hundreds of us crammed in this warehouse. They get mortared all the time, which means anywhere we go, we have to wear full battle rattle, plus all of this extra stuff they want us to wear. All the weight starts to bear down on you after a while.

If you couldn't tell, he is the one with "Loranger" on his flak jacket.

Another picture I received from him

Another picture I received from him

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