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Grow Tube array

Grow Tube array

Grow Tube Parade It's probably later in the season than I should have, but I covered the young vines in grow tubes in order to protect them from all sorts of bad things, including deer (if they can get in my backyard) and high winds (which are more of a real threat). The grow tubes also train the vines to grow up towards the wire.

I also removed the four end posts that were planted with concrete, as the posts themselves were not strong enough to bear the weight of the wires. Getting the buried concrete out took some time and back work. I will have to dig deeper holes and plant beefier posts before long, as some of the vines are getting close to the lower wire already. I also had to remove all of the wire, as the fasteners on the end only let the wires through going one way, so the wires had to be cut off. Hopefully, the used wire can be recycled for something else.

It was a shame to cover the beautiful green growth and berries, but the grow tubes should benefit the vines in the long run.

Some of the vines are already peeking out

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