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Keep on keepin' on...

Keep on keepin' on...

The biggest bunch The vines are still going strong and some of the berries are getting nice and plump, while others appear to be limping along. They got a late start, but the vines still have several months of warm weather before a harvest would normally occur.

Chubby berries

I found out where some of the leaf damage was coming from. Small green caterpillars were gorging themselves on some of the leaves and then folding one of the leaves in half in order to make a protected shelter for their pupae. I found 7 the other day once I knew where to look. I also found one small shell of a discarded pupa. They look to be some sort of moth.

Some spots (but only on a few leaves)

I also get excited when I see spiders on the vines, as they feast on any little creature that try to munch on the leaves. In particular, I saw a nice green spider make a home on my tallest vine. I used to see this kind on my citrus trees, but it's nice to know that one has found a home in the vines.

Friend on the vines

Since the top of the slope above the vines needed some cover in order to prevent erosion and be more aesthetically pleasing, I ended up planting almost 30 plants up on the slope. Since the soil here is riddled with grapefruit-sized stones, it was no small feat. The plant list included, three 15-gallon Olive trees, 16 French Lavender, 8 Rosemary and two Cherry Laurels (one of which doesn't look like it's going to make it.) In order to truly eliminate erosion, I still need to plant (and buy) about 30 more prostrate rosemary plants as a ground cover. After that, I will install the drip system on the upper slope.

To Do: Complete installation of the trellis, including the four end posts and the wire.

Many plants above

The rogue vine is clinging on

My first harvest and my first infestation

My first harvest and my first infestation

Another day in San Diego