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53From Wikipedia: The official definition of Véraison is "change of color of the grape berries." Veraison signifies the change from berry growth to berry ripening in grapevines. 49

While is it not going to amount to much in the end of this harvest, my three bunches that I have saved are starting to change color. The vines are also going crazy, so I had better put up those end posts and wires soon so they can have some support. For some reason, Vine 25, my only vine that I did not prune, is the largest of them all. Perhaps it is because of the looseness of the soil around the roots, since that was moved during the installation of the retaining wall. Either that, or the soil is pretty moist over there.

51 50 54

While I saw a few leafhoppers here and there, it seems the infestation period has passed for now.

Vine 25 is just exploding compared to the others

55 52

The new end posts are in

The new end posts are in

Had a nice San Diego weekend