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Harvest time

Harvest time

Always some green ones still hanging around Although I wasn't supposed to keep any grapes from this first year, I kept them on three of the vines. I was warned that they may put the vine under stress, since they are so young. I did notice two of them looking a little stressed, and the grapes were pretty dark and sweet, so I decided to have my first harvest. The third vine which held a grape is doing great, and is actually the only bottom 24 vine that will reach the top wire, once I get them in.


Bunch #2

I just noticed in this picture the red caterpillar on the left

The harvest is complete

I also spotted some plump caterpillars hanging around. Gotta watch out for those, as they tend to blend in pretty well.


Butterfly or moth in the making

The wires are up

The wires are up

Skunked at La Jolla Cove