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Enemies abound - the vines are OK

Enemies abound - the vines are OK

The vines are on the wires I woke up this morning to find that several of my vines are getting munched on by caterpillars. They are the only ones, besides rabbits and deer, than could do so much damage. And since there are no deer or rabbits in my backyard, then I can only assume those plump caterpillars I saw from last month are hitting it hard.

The rows on the wire

Someone's been eating my vines

Another victim


Overall, though, the vines are doing well. I had to increase the watering so that they could survive the heat wave over the past few weeks. Vine 25 in the upper corner is still going crazy. It is large enough to reach all of the wires of the tier below it. Tier 2 vines are definitely doing better than Tier 1 vines. I am wondering if it is a function of the water that is flowing down the slope, or if it is due to the looseness of the soil that occurred during the building of the retaining walls.

Vine 25, going crazy

A moth moulting while a spider investigates

Enemy spoor

Friend of the vines

Friend of the vines

I can see!