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Joshua Tree - A Return to Peak 4377

View of the mountains from atop Mt. Zip It - Peak 4377 Peak 4377. We found it by accident during a trip to Joshua Tree in 1990. It was a magical trip that I may retrofit to this blog some day, if I go back and find the photos from it.

This post was rewritten in March 2013.

In February 2009, nearly 20 years later, Reamo and I decided to relive some of the "Era of the Soups" and headed to to JT for the weekend. Slick couldn't make it, but he was there in spirit. We were able to see the petroglyphs near Barker Dam, the Hidden Valley Trail, the tour of Keys Ranch, Key's View and the Lost Horse Mine trail.

We also climbed up to Peak 4377, which we dubbed Mount Zip It in 1990.

It is a ~1,300 foot nearly vertical climb up to a peak, which involves a lot of rock scrambling. We were able to find our entries from 1990. I am amazed they are still there after all these years. We couldn't find any other entries, though. I have been to the top 6 times now. Reamo and I got up and down in 3 and 1/2 hours. Not too bad for a couple of old guys.

We had a great time and will definitely do it again.

Petroglyphs painted over by Disney in the 40's

Barker Dam, not very full, even after the rains

No sand swimming here

The Keys 20's Mack Truck. It ran last year.

Old Tires from the 40's

Lost Horse Mine, from above.

Reamo reads other journal entries on Peak 4377; hilarious.

Our journal from 1990

Slick's and Egg's portions

LBB and Slick's portion

Egg's finish

Weeds, alas!

Weeds, alas!

Pruning Seminar at the Lenora Vineyard and Winery in Ramona Valley

Pruning Seminar at the Lenora Vineyard and Winery in Ramona Valley