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Black Mountain - Peak #2 - Foggy at the top

Black Mountain - Peak #2 - Foggy at the top


Panoramic view from Black Mountain to the west  

I got up early and summited Black Mountain this morning. It was so foggy that I almost took the wrong trail a couple of times. Even about 1/4 of a mile away from the peak, I still couldn't see it.

Just when you think the trail is steep, it gets steeper. There wasn't much view from the top, except a nice purple flower blooming.


I've been up this mountain so many times, that I have lost count. My favorite is to drive to Hilltop Community Park and head up with a headlamp just before dawn and watch the sun rise over Iron Mountain and The Cuyamacas from the summit. It is a great sight to see and a complete reward for gaining ~900' in two miles. I then jog the whole way down, taking it easy in the really rocky sections. I've seen some other regulars making their way up just as I am almost back to my car at Hilltop Community Park

Purple flower on Black Mountain Peak

Update 01/01/2010:

New picture from the peak:

A view from Black Mountain to the North

Update Jan 2011:

Panoramic View from Black Mountain

Update 06/17/2011:

I have ascended this mountain from several different directions, since I can see it from my home office and use it for training. As a matter of fact, I am looking at it right now. My favorite route is indicated on the map below, due to the easy parking and the even 4 miles round trip with about 900' of gain/loss.

Black Mountain Map Trail Master

Update 06/25/2011: Another panoramic photo from the top.

Black Mountain panorama to the east

A view from Black Mountain to the East

Bernardo Mountain - Peak #3

Bernardo Mountain - Peak #3

First Peak Completed - Iron Mountain

First Peak Completed - Iron Mountain