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Recently, a fellow outdoor adventure blogger, Modern Hiker, wrote a gracious little post about 100 Peaks. One thing he mentioned was that my trail reports were a little light on information, which I took it to mean that I don't describe in detail the routes to the summits. I would like to make it clear that this is intentional. Although I'd love to give detailed information about every one of the trails to the 100 Peaks in San Diego County, I honestly would like to have something to sell once my quest for the peaks is over.  Although I wanted to complete the 100 Peaks prior to conceiving the idea of writing a trail guide about it, the idea of getting something in return by selling a guide book has made the quest feasible.

Since day one of my blog, I have been concerned that somehow I would be leaving people wanting more, but not in the right way. So the next couple posts will be asking for feedback from you. Anything is appreciated if you have the time.

Question of the day:

Are you OK with my trip reports that do not detail the actual route to the summit, with the understanding that I am writing a trail guide to be sold at a later date?

If not, why not? What do you recommend?

I absolutely love comments and feedback.

Combs Peak - Peak #15

Wooded Hill Summit – PEAK #14