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Garnet Peak - Peak #18

Elevation: 5,909′Miles: 2.4 Trailhead

Today was a family day. All three of us drove out to Mount Laguna to enjoy the warm weather and great outdoors. The whole family was going to go to Garnet Peak and then I was going to run the 3/4 miles up and down Garnet Mountain, so that I could complete two of my 100 Peaks in one day, as well as complete two peaks from the Sierra Club's Hundred Peaks Section peak list.

It's a fairly easy hiking trail with some moderate elevation gain.

Soph and I, ready for the trail

The heat rose, making it hard to believe that it was almost November. We made it to the trail head, already seeing the effects of the Cedar Fire from 2003.  Some of the trees were already making a return, but others looked like they weren't ever coming back. Once again, shade was scarce along the trail to the peak.

Garnet Peak Trail Head

This tree might didn't make it

We made our way up the mountain, passing the Pacific Crest Trail along the way. The trail cut into the northern side of the mountain and we could hear the Harley Davidsons opening up the engines along the Sunrise Highway. We passed some friendly hikers along the way, and were suddenly climbing a trail to the right and we were on the peak.

This peak had a similar view as Monument Peak; a nice view into Borrego Valley and views north and south along the Mount Laguna ridge line. We enjoyed the panorama and made it down the way we came.

Looking south from Garnet Peak to Monument Peak

Sawtooth Mountains from Garnet Peak

Soph, enjoying lofty heights on Garnet Peak

Once again, dangling over oblivion, this time it's Storm Canyon


Garnet Peak Trail Map

Garnet Mountain - Peak #19

Ghost Mountain - Peak #17