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Body found on Woodson Mountain is identified

Some people call it Mount Woodson. It is a pretty good hike with about  1,221' of elevation gain in 1.8 miles if coming up the east side. If coming up from Lake Poway, it can be pretty grueling. At 10:45 AM yesterday, a hiker on Woodson Mountain found a body off the trail. The authorities sent in a helicopter to confirm it was a body and airlift it off the mountain. The deceased hiker was identified as 60-year-old Donald Allen Fobes of Oceanside, per the Medical Examiner’s Office, who has not yet determined how he died, but will perform an autopsy today.

It's possible this hiker was out during heavy wind and rain and was simply unprepared for it. It is also possible that he had a health condition that caught him by surprise. I just have to say, be careful out there.

Update:  "The coroner’s office reports that death resulted from natural causes related to a heart condition."

Take care of yourselves and see a doctor before starting any strenuous activity.

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Sheephead Mountain - Peak #26 - A Cold Morning in Mount Laguna