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Retro Post - Mount San Jacinto - October 2007 - A Wake Up Call

San Jacinto Peak sign From time to time, I will be "re-publishing" some old posts from other blogs here. Some of them will be travel posts, some will be hiking or camping posts. For whatever reason, I think my readers may be interested in the content. I will post a new blog linking to the blog that is posted to the old date. This is the first of them.

This particular retro post is a "reprint" of an older post that was originally posted on my personal blog, posted here since it is relevant and a very memorable trip for me. This trip succeeded in giving me a fitness wake-up call, finally getting me to join Joe Decker's workout group, which jump-started my fitness and ultimately led me to conceive of hiking 100 peaks as a possbility. I am also planning to hike the same trail soon as a day hike, and this report serves as a baseline of sorts.

The Post:

Mount San Jacinto - October 2007 - A Wake Up Call

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