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Peak #45 - Tooth Rock in Poway - Back to Business

Trail to Tooth Rock in Poway Elevation: 1,167′ Miles: 2.12 Trailhead

Well, it's been about a month and a half since I hiked any peaks here in San Diego. Not that I haven't been hiking, mind you. I did a nice trek to Mount Whitney last month which put some perspective on things.

What I mean is that the hike this morning seemed more like a warm-up than an actual hike. However, I am writing a guide book in the hopes of getting not only the adventurous seasoned hiker out on the trail, but also the inexperienced person, willing to give hiking a try.

That being said, it was really nice to get back out on the trail here. San Diego is great. You usually don't have to drive more than a few miles to find a trail. The PD and I got up at around 6AM and headed out to Poway after grabbing a quick bite. We strapped on our day packs and headed out. We encountered a woman walking a dog, which is pretty typical when the trailhead is near a suburban area, and, in this case, in a neighborhood.

We strolled out into Rattlesnake Canyon. It's funny how our conversations while hiking continually return to the places we've been together. Rabbit Peak/Villager Peak, Cuyamaca Peak, and, of course, Mount Whitney. We are still in awe of what we accomplished in such a short time and the ease of this trail loosened any rust in my bones.

Work and weekends have been a little busy, so I am still working on my rhythm, but it was good to get out and smell the bushes and make our way up the steep slope to the peak.

Graffiti on Tooth Rock in Poway

View North from Tooth Rock in Poway

The PD on Tooth Rock in Poway

Once on top, we enjoyed the view and were happy that such a short hike could enable us to survey the land around us from a unique perspective. The tooth itself was covered in graffiti, which is to be expected in areas this close to civilization, but it doesn't make it any easier to swallow.

We breathed in the cool morning air and headed on down, laughing to each other's stories and ready for the rest of the day.


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