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Mission Bay Triathlon - A Success

The PD and I, feeling fine While I didn't train nearly as much as I wanted to, my performance at this year's mission bay Triathlon confirmed that I have established a base layer of fitness that can apply to various events. More importantly, my extensive hiking has conditioned my brain to just keep going through discomfort and fatigue.

I didn't win any medals, but I proved to myself that I can enter a triathlon with little to no training and do more than survive. I beat over 300 people, which is a lot more than I can say of my performance in 2002.

The PD, however, blew the doors off my expectations. I knew he was going to beat me, but he did it by over 12 minutes.

My mantra typically is, "It may take me a while, but I'll get there."

Yea, I'm more of a hiker than a runner.

Pine Mountain - Peak 47 - The Real Thing

Pine Mountain - Peak 47 - The Real Thing

Mission Bay Triathlon Tomorrow - Not Hiking