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Prop 21 and California State Parks - All is Not Lost

As many of you know, Proposition 21 did not pass. If you need information on it, please read some details about it elsewhere.

I have to admit that I didn't vote either way. Due to a crazy schedule, I failed to do the appropriate amount of research and really couldn't make an informed decision. While I wanted to help the California State Parks and make sure that money funneled into them, I wasn't sure if taxing each motorist was the appropriate method to do so.

As a result, and because I'm finding it difficult to get outside lately,  I am going to be starting a series of blog posts about San Diego nonprofit organizations (and local chapters of national NPOs). My goal is to get people involved and let them know how they can make a difference locally.

If you do laps on Cowles Mountain, maybe you can volunteer for a trail clean up one weekend. Or simply become a member of one of the foundations that are located all around the county. I met some volunteers in Cuyamaca with horses and chainsaws, making it safe for all trail users. They were there on their own time and dime. There are many ways to be involved with the open spaces all around us in San Diego.

You can see my memberships on the sidebar to the right, the list of which will be growing over the next few months, as I do research and write about the various organizations.

All is not lost. Stewardship can be local. Get outside and get involved.

San Diego River Park Foundation - A Grand Vision

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