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San Diego River Park Foundation - A Grand Vision

Eagle Peak from Sunshine Mountain

Eagle Peak from Sunshine Mountain

San Diego River Park Foundation
PO Box 80126 San Diego, CA 92138-0126

Their vision and goals

The San Diego River Park Foundation envisions a grand park, reaching from the mountains, all the way to the sea. It is seen as a 52-mile park that follows the San Diego River, from the foot of Volcan Mountain, near Julian, all the way to where it meets the Pacific Ocean, south of Mission Bay.

Along the way, it overlaps with other open space parks, such as Cleveland National Forest, Volcan Mountain Wilderness Preserve, and Mission Trails Regional Park, among others.

Ultimately, the foundation envisions a trail system that follows the river along its length and connects to the various parks and open spaces along the way.

Many of my peaks lie in their sphere of influence.

What they do

Advocacy – They have formed a coalition with like-minded organizations throughout the county to effect change in attitude and promote cleanups throughout the area.

Land Acquisition – They have researched the area and are seeking to preserve over 700 acres of land for the park. The acquisitions will be obtained through donations of people like us, much of which will be matched by grants, to which the foundation applies.

Outreach – Appear at fairs, farmers markets. They lead hikes throughout the county to educate and raise money for the cause.

Maintain the river – They have detailed plans on how to not only restore to the river to its former glory, but plans and schematics on how to keep it that way.

How you can help

You can donate to their cause, volunteer, or, like me, become a member and write about it.

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Van Dam Peak - Peak #50 - Half Way There and a Special Guest

Van Dam Peak - Peak #50 - Half Way There and a Special Guest

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