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100 Peaks Update - Cleaning House


Be on the lookout for some changes to the site to be coming up over the next several weeks. What is live now is a new Peak List, which is a sortable table that indicates whether or not a peak is in the Sierra Club Angeles Chapter Hundred Peaks Section (HPS), the San Diego Sierra Club's One Hundred Peaks List (SDC) or whether or not I've created a Google Earth trail map for that particular hike.

I intend to have maps for all the hikes, so that column will go away once I am up to date.

The next minor thing is that I've numbered the icons on my Peaks Map to correspond with the Peak Numbers.

What's to come:

  • Creating information pages for all the agencies associated with the areas that contain each peak.
  • Creating links or portfolio views to Flickr Sets for each trip report, so that higher res pics can be seen.
  • Cleaning up older, more sparse, trip reports and making sure there are links to the trailhead and maps. I will also add any new pictures I've taken since I've been there.
  • Working on my backlog of gear reviews, non-profit organization summaries, list of parks and recreation areas throughout the county
  • Creating a list and map of my non-San Diego Peaks, and hikes, such as my trips to Mount Whitney, Ka'ala Peak on Oahu, San Jacinto Peak, and other peaks I've summited over the years.
  • Creating a Tips Page, for hiking and camping tips. I've learned a lot and have made a lot of mistakes that others can avoid.
  • Fleshing out my About page, containing more information about what I am doing, where I got my peak list, and what I consider a peak.

I am hoping to be summiting more peaks over the next few weeks, so these trip reports will be on the way, as well.

The weather has finally heated up and I hope you are all getting some time on the trails. As always, I love to get comments, even on really old posts.

As some of you know, it's hard for me to find time to hit all the peaks quickly, as my schedule is pretty dynamic. I often am not sure I am going to be hiking until the night before. Hopefully that will change soon.

I hope to see you on the trail!


Boucher Hill - Peak #63 - Will this peak be closed with Palomar Mountain State Park?

Peak #62 - Sunshine Mountain - Having the mountain to yourself