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Another nice interaction with an Outdoor Outfitter - App Outdoors


Last fall, I was contacted by a company called App Outdoors, an outdoor apparel store in Pennsylvania. They said they would give me credit to their store if I would buy something and blog about the experience. No problem! The credit went smoothly and I was tasked to find something that I wanted to buy. Their selection is pretty good and their prices fairly comparable to other places, with the occasional incredible deal. Since my Keens were finally starting to show some wear, (I have had them for 8 years or so), I thought I would aim to replace those, even though I eyed some pretty expensive Arc'teryx and Patagona jackets. They didn't have the same type of sandal that I was replacing, but that's OK since I was curious about trying another style, in this case, the Keen Kanyon Sandals. The leather on my older pair sometimes dried out my feet.

Keen Kanyon Sandals

Keen Kanyon Sandals

The order went through OK and I received and email confirmation. All was quiet until, about two weeks later, I received a phone call that they were out of stock on my item and would I like to select something else? I was pretty busy at the time, interviewing for a new job and getting ready for my big move. I didn't respond for a while and then I get an email that my sandals were getting shipped.

I looked to see what it was and it was my original order. Evidently, they had gotten them in and figured I still wanted them. I did and was happy to receive them. They are now my favorite sandals and I wear them all the time outside of work. The different fabric doesn't dry my feet out and they appear to be bulletproof.

I am pretty happy with ordering from App Outdoors and would definitely try them again.

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