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Reflection - An adventure-filled summer of hiking

Reflection - An adventure-filled summer of hiking


Lake McDonald Reflection I wanted to write a quick update. As the summer winds to an end, I realize that I've packed it with hiking.

I am about four posts behind in my trip reports. This is due to me having one of the best summers ever. I did several training hikes in the Ventura Mountains for my trip to the highest peak in New Mexico. I went on a backpacking trip to Mount Pinos with my niece. I redeemed myself with a San Jacinto summit as a day hike. And I spent a week in Glacier National Park. And I am not even done yet. Next week, I visit Convict Lake in the Eastern Sierra with my father.

It doesn't get any better than this.

So, after I am done actually doing stuff, I will return to the task of editing photos, videos, maps and writing up (hopefully) engaging trip reports. I am also pretty excited about some of my newer gear I've recently been able to try out, so some gear reviews are on the way.

As usual, I always encourage comments and you can always ask me anything.

Thanks for reading.

Convict Lake - An Adventure with Papa

Convict Lake - An Adventure with Papa

Glacier National Park - A Family Trip