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Gear Review - Avex Brazos Water Bottle - More water for me

Avex Brazos in use while camping Disclaimer: Avex sent me a free water bottle (Avex Brazos) for me to field test. There was no requirement for me to blog about it, either positively or negatively, but I'd bet they hoped I did.

A water bottle is a water bottle. I have a bunch of them. Some from Nalgene, Life is Good, and my trusty Camelbak bladders. When approached with this bottle, I wasn't expecting anything special.

But this water bottle has honestly changed the total amount of water I drink on a daily basis. The thing is, I have a complete ecosystem of hydration gear that I take out on short to long hikes. The tall 25oz bottle I received, called the Avex Brazos, with AUTOSEAL technology, didn't seem like it would fit the bottle pockets of my day or overnight packs. And I haven't had the chance to try it.

You see, it's been on my desk at work or in the cup holder of my car. The one-handed ease of drinking from it has ramped my water intake from about 4 cups to about 8 cups a day.

How it works: There is a little lid that covers the sipping area that you can flip completely out of the way with one thumb. You then, with a natural feeling, squeeze a large button on the rim of the bottle, opening the spout. A perfect amount of water comes out as you drink. For some reason, it's a pleasure to drink. It's not a wide mouth like the Nalgene or a narrow circle like a normal plastic bottle. You can either place it to your lips or pour.

In my car, it's been great to not have to cradle a water bottle between my knees and unscrew a cap, spill water over me as I drive over a bumpy section and then replace the cap. With this bottle, I simply pick it up and drink and put it back.

Avex Brazos doesn't fit into the water dispesner. Not tragic.

One minor issue, but it's really minor. At work, we have UV water dispensers. The Avex Bravos is a little too tall to fit into the dispenser, so I have to hold it at an angle while it fills. Like I said, a minor, minor issue.

I know that raving about a water bottle makes it sound like I was paid to do it, but, other than the free bottle, I wasn't. I just think it's a pretty well-thought-out design and it's had a positive impact on my daily hydration.


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