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Buystand - A great deal, but a limited selection, for now

buystandA new gear reseller called BUYSTAND recently reached out to me, curious if I would try out their website. In return, they gave me some credit towards a purchase of a product. I reviewed their site and decided it was worth a shot. Think of their business model as Priceline meets REI. You browse their site, see something you like and then make an offer on it. If it's accepted, it's a sale, if it's not, then you have an opportunity to raise your offer.

This is not how I normally shop for gear.

I browsed their site and had some problems with their categories. It seems their IA might need a little work, as skateboarding gear showed up in the hiking gear section, but I found a lightweight fleece vest that I thought would be useful on the trail. I waffled a little bit when I was asked to put in my offer. I didn't want to offer too little, but I really wanted to have a smooth transaction. I searched online to see what price I could get it elsewhere and then offered a little under that. The site indicated that it was contacting the vendor and would get back to me.

Within several minutes, I received an email that my offer was accepted and that I was to expect the item within 10 days at my doorstep. It came in two days. Pretty fast by most standards.

Bottom line: Once I navigated through the website to find something that I really wanted, which honestly was a little challenging, it was a pretty simple process to submit an offer. A great bonus was how fast I received the merchandise. I am sure this may vary depending on who is shipping it, but my first impression was pretty good.

I feel that their stock is constantly rotating, so, as I need gear, I will check them out and see if they have it. And then I will see if I can shave off a few bucks from the price.

So I'd say browse their selection, as I imagine it will start growing pretty soon.

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