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100 Peaks Gets Featured on Its Second Podcast - In Ice Axe We Trust

In Ice Axe We Trust I tweeted about it back in January, but forgot to mention it here. I was interviewed and otherwise included in the podcast called In Ice Axe We Trust, hosted by The Last Adventurer and The Peak Seeker.

It was a light-hearted chat about hiking in San Diego, getting in shape for hiking, and everything in between. I had a lot of fun and made me think more about hosting my own podcast.

The show can be heard here: In Ice Axe We Trust: How to Become a Mountaineer

Give it a listen and let me know what you think.

The first podcast was 347 Steps, a comedy podcast based in San Diego.

Sunshine Mountain - SD Peak #62 redo - Too many ticks

Sunshine Mountain - SD Peak #62 redo - Too many ticks

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