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2013 - My favorite photographs from the year

2013 - My favorite photographs from the year


Sophia in flight At the end of 2013, Google did an automatic little slideshow of the pictures I've uploaded to Picasa and sent it to me. One of my friends told me that Sophia was the real star of the year. This is true. And because she is, it means that we spent some great times together. We'll get to her pictures at the end of the post. First I'll sort of go in chronological order.

First, I was able to go camping with two of my oldest friends on two separate trips. It was great to catch up and go on hikes. The first trip included camping with Reamo at Montana de Oro State Park and hiking up to Valencia Peak. The second was camping at Point Mugu State Park with the Seef.

Reamo, at the end of the Earth, Montana De Oro State Park

The Seef, hiking in Sorreno Valley

Then I was able to go to on a hike with Craig Carey, the author of Hiking and Backpacking Santa Barbara and Ventura and several other characters. We had a grand old time exploring the Matilija.

A motley, but effective bunch

We then took a family trip to Zion and Bryce National Parks and had a ton of fun.

Thor's Hammer at Bryce Canyon National Park

Zion Canyon from Angel's Landing

At the Emerald Pools

I was able to go hiking in San Diego, for the first time in a while. I visited one of my favorite areas, Sunshine Mountain, but was completely overcome with ticks.

Eagle Peak from Sunshine Mountain

I was then able to go hiking with SoCal Hiker, East West Hike@zapplegate, and Josh. We joked it was going to be the most documented hike ever and then bagged 5 peaks in the San Gabriel Mountains.

The view from the trail in San Gabriel Mountains

In the summer, I was able to go to the White Mountains and the Sierra Nevada and visit Chicken Spring Lake, before we got completely rained out.

Heading down White Mountain Peak

Sunset over Mount Whitney from Lone Pine

Fishing for trout in the Middle Fork of Bishop Creek

Over Thanksgiving week, I had a chance to hike Mount Ka'ala again, the highest point on the Island of Oahu. This time, I had a view from the peak.

The view of Makaha Valley and Ka'ala Ridge

Actually a view from the top of Mount Ka'ala, Oahu

In October, I got a special box that led to a trip to Park City I will never forget.

The OmniTen box and invitation

Near the end of the year, we visited San Francisco. Just before we headed back home, I snapped this pic.

One last look at the Golden Gate Bridge before we headed south to home

The rest of the pictures either feature Soph, or are taken by her.

Soph, hiking to the top of Parma Park

Soph, getting ready to carve some turns

Soph, striking a victorious pose at the Cold Spring Trail

A nice picnic near Figueroa Mountain

In flight

Soph at the Forbush Flat Trailhead

Soph and her cousins atop Black Mountain in San Diego

Soph exploring among the flowers atop Reyes Peak

Sunset between Carp and Ventura, taken by Soph from a moving vehicle

Soph's picture from the top of Montecito Peak

Soph, receiving her yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do

Soph, descending stairs at Knapp's Castle

Soph, at Coronado Beach in San Diego

Soph in the water

Enjoying rock climbing

Ascending into the sun

Pointing out San Rafael Mountain from Figueroa Mountain

Soph in Mammoth late 2013


Grass Mountain - Peak #27 - A rainy day on the trail

Grass Mountain - Peak #27 - A rainy day on the trail

Being Inspired by the OmniTen Experience